Ladder grips fit all box section ladders

No window cleaner working at height should ever be without Ladder Grips

Ladders are an essential part of a window cleaner’s equipment, but ladders remain the single biggest cause of falls from height accidents.

That’s because ladders are not especially stable. For one thing, the ground isn’t always level and the sufrace on which the ladder is being placed against most often has very little adhesion to hold ladders firmly in place. Add to that ladder users taking shortcuts whilst at the top of a ladder and the results can be disastrous.

The solution?

No window cleaner should be without Ladder Grips, the revolutionary ladder safety device which improves ladder stability by up 350%.

Tests have shown that even where ladders have been placed on castors or an an angle and climbed, the ladder still holds firm.

Now of course, we never recommend placing ladders on castors or at an angle before climbing them, but, it demonstrates just how effective Ladder Grips are in significantly reducing the risk of unecesary ladder accidents.

What’s more, Ladder Grips are small enough to pack away in your toolbox once the job is done.

Stay secure, stay safe. Order your Ladder Grips today!