In the United States, around 40% of fatal accidents involve a ladder

In the United States around 43% of fatal accidental injuries involve a ladder. Statistics from CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) show that among workers, approximately 20% of fall injuries involve ladders, whilst among construction workers, an estimated 81% of fall injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments involved a ladder.

The main reason for ladder accidents is the ladder slipping generally due to users overreaching or because the ladder is not properly secured.

Ladder Grips improves ladder stability by up to 350% by securing the top of the ladder, not the feet, because if the top of the ladder is made immobile, the feet are unlikely to move either making it far safer to use.

The key feature that makes Ladder Grips so powerful in improving ladder safety is the formulation of the rubber pad giving the Ladder Grips device unrivaled gripping power.

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