Stabilisers & Safety Safety You and Your Ladders Safety

All ladder stabilisers should serve a purpose. Stabilisers designed for the bottom of your ladder should be able to prevent your ladder from slipping away at the bottom. However, it is well documented by health and safety that bottom stabilisers will do little to prevent the ladder from slipping at its top landing.

There are very few bottom stabilisers that can be used on an uneven surface without compromising the stability of your ladder. What about stabilisers designed for the top of a ladder? Ladder stand-offs are designed to stabilise the top of the ladder. There are some very good stand-offs on the market but they all have a narrow scope when it comes to where and what they can be rested on or against. They can be difficult to use safely in certain circumstances with regards to the size and shape of the top landing you want the ladder to rest against. For example a window ledge or a scaffold ledger would be a very unsafe place to rest a ladder stand-off. Also how many can be used to rest your ladder against a uneven top landing or to access a flat roof?

Wouldn't it be great to have a ladder stabiliser which offers the following:

1. Can provide up to and even more than 350% more stability for you and your ladder.

2. Can be independently fitted anywhere on the ladder stiles, therefore can be used for the slopes of gables.

3. Provides full face contact with a flat working surface for outstanding grip and stability.

4. Won’t mark the surface it’s used against.

5. Will reduce chances of bottom slip.

6. Will allow your ladder to rest safely on scaffolding ledges, window sills etc.

7. Can self adjust to accommodated angels of up to 25 degrees.

8. Weighs in at under 1.8KG

9. Fits in your toolbox or can be left on your ladder .

10. Costs less than the average for a ladder safety accessory.

The good news is it’s here and it’s called Ladder Grips! Visit the website, watch the video and make up your own mind: